January 2019 News

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Windows 10 Gets a Big Update

The Spring 2018 update for Windows 10, also known as the Version 1803 Update, is a major change in some areas and can take a very long time to implement on older systems.

If you begin the update process, please be patient and don’t turn your computer off!  Doing so could result in a catastrophic loss of data and/or hardware malfunctions, driver losses, etc.  During the update process, the computer will reboot a few times.  Just be patient and let the installation fully finish, and you will ultimately see the familiar login screen when complete.

A few things to note about this new upgrade:

  1. Most importantly, the Windows Homegroup used for file sharing has been completely removed.  Shared files/folders already set up will continue to be shared, but new sharing options will need to be done via the Windows 10 options.
  2. A new “Time Line” feature has been added to allow users to “pick up where they left off” with recently access documents, web browser pages, etc.
  3. A new “Focus” feature has been added as an option to turn off notifications during times when you want to focus on work, deliver a presentation, etc.

If you are unsure about this major update, we are here to help!  We can offer consulting to help you begin the install process, and help with any post-installation issues that might arise (for example, a few users may lose some older drivers that are from “legacy devices” that need to be re-installed or updated properly).

A bit more can be found here.

Happy Computing!

Paul @ Longmont Computer

Virus Removal and Pop-Up Blockers

We do a lot of work removing viruses and unwanted programs (aka malware, spyware, bloatware). Sometimes, Mac computers get infected too. We recently cleaned up a Mac system that had been infected with the “Chumware.com” search engine malware. A pop-up blocker could have prevented this.

It is highly recommended that you don’t click on anything in your web browser that you didn’t intend to see or visit! If you see any pop-up windows asking you to call a phone number to “fix” or “clean up” your system, either close that window or shut down your web browser immediately. This is also true of pop-up windows pretending to be from major vendors like Microsoft or Apple.

If you fear that you have an infected system, contact us today! We are here to help and will clean up your computer system, implementing security measures to keep it running in great shape moving forward, free of malware!

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Tired of Being Your Parents’ Tech Support Person?

Longmont Computer - Professional Computer Repair, Consulting, Training, IT, Web, Graphic Design, Film & Video Transfer, Editing, Production, Home Theater, Fiber, NextLight, Broadband, Internet Services

Are you tired of trying to help your parents fix their computer problems? Call Longmont Computer today! Or maybe you are of the “older generation” and just don’t have the time or patience to deal with your computer issues. Call us, we’re here to help! Microsoft Windows PCs and Apple Macs both welcomed!

Click here to contact us!  Our hours are Monday through Friday, 10am – 6pm.  Serving the Longmont/Boulder area since 2004.  We do house calls!

We look forward to working with you!

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Final Presentation for CodeCraft School Full Stack Web Development Graduation

Since I am a big fan of old LP records, my final project seeks to make the process of tracking a vintage vinyl collection’s value easier for online sellers.

For my final project, I built a Full Stack “Single Page Application” using Vue.js, Node.js, MongoDB, mongoose, npm, express server, Bootstrap 3.3, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery, which I then deployed via a Ubuntu 16.04 Linux VPS droplet to DigitalOcean.

Please watch the presentation here:

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Longmont Computer now offers Full Stack Web Development

I am currently attending a JavaScript coding “bootcamp” for Full Stack Web Development at CodeCraft School in Boulder, CO. We will wrap up in late September and I will share my “final project” with you then.

I just published a story about our most recent, award-winning “hackathon” project.

Please read it via this link at Medium.com!

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New Video Production Project: Great Blue Heron T’ai Chi

Longmont Computer video production shoot with Steve Elliott of Great Blue Heron T'ai Chi
We recently worked with Longmont’s own Great Blue Heron T’ai Chi, producing a few short videos for owner Steve Elliott.  The project included videography, video editing, DVD authoring, and video compression, creating YouTube-ready video files.

The videos feature three different T’ai Chi routines: Shibashi Chi Gong, Animal Frolics (Easy), and Animal Frolics (Advanced).

Here’s a sample video from YouTube:

If you are interested in having Longmont Computer produce a video project for you, please contact us today!

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New Graphic Design Project: Steve Law Band “Dancer” CD

Longmont Computer worked with local musicians Steve Law Band on their recent CD project, Dancer, slated for February 2017 release!

Using a great band photo by Ria Walker and a gorgeous painting by Dan Hampe, we created a 2 panel CD wallet and disc face, and also helped with updates to their website.

Steve and his band worked with the legendary engineer Brian Lucey, who mastered the finished audio.

If you are interested in having Longmont Computer work with you on your next graphic design project, please contact us today!

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New Web Design Project: FestivaLink.net – Live Music Downloads

FestivaLink.net – Live Music Downloads

FestivaLink.net – Live Music Downloads

Longmont Computer is proud to present the new website for Boulder-based live downloads company, FestivaLink.net.  We have been fortunate to work with FestivaLink since 2006 (nearly from its inception), helping produce its ever-growing, impressive catalog of mainly roots, Americana, and folk performances.  Longmont Computer worked creating graphics, licensing songs, researching royalty requirements, creating UPC bar codes, uploading robust metadata, photographing events, maintaining database records, organizing complex files and data sets, and helping with small audio projects.  All recordings are meticulously mixed and mastered by another of our esteemed clients, Boulder’s Airshow.  Highlights of the vast collection include these favorites of ours:

The Levon Helm Band at Merlefest, NC 4/26/08

Anne & Pete Sibley at Merlefest, NC 4/23/09 &  5/1/10

Diana Jones at The Philadelphia Folk Festival, PA 8/17/07

The Sea, The Sea at The Kerrville Folk Festival, TX 6/3/12

Nicollete Good at The Kerrville Folk Festival, TX 6/3/12

BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet at MerleFest, NC 4/26/09

Hot Tuna at The Bearsville Theater, Woodstock, NY 12/13/09

Ollabelle at Merlefest, NC 4/26/08

There are hundreds of live recordings to choose from, including great performances from legends like Doc Watson and Ralph Stanley.  Check out FestivaLink’s full catalog for more!

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New Graphic Design Project: Rick Iracki “It’s About Time” CD


Longmont Computer worked with local musician Rick Iracki on his recent CD project, It’s About Time.

Using photos and artwork, we created a 4 panel CD wallet, disc face, 12 page booklet, download card, sticker, 8.5 x 11″ flyer, and 32 x 80″ retractable standing poster.

Rick worked with several impressive collaborators on this project: Richie Furay (singer, Buffalo Springfield), David Snider (session and live musician, Janis Ian), Geoff Gray (engineer, Far & Away Studios), David Glasser (Grammy winning mastering engineer, Airshow).

If you are interested in having Longmont Computer work with you on your next graphic design project, please contact us today!


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