Blu-ray / DVD Slideshows

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Video courtesy of Alexander Dawson School. Music by B. Bernard & B. Barnes/B. McKnight.
This slideshow was created for the graduating class, incorporating both video and still images provided by their families, using music chosen by the students.

Digital slideshows, a great gift idea on DVD, Blu-ray, or USB Stick, are fun for everyone to enjoy and a smart way to back up a treasured photo and/or video collection. Imagine your family and friends sitting around the tv or projector reliving old memories with laughter and smiles. Or bring a slideshow to a wedding to recollect the lives of the bride and groom on their paths to their big day. Slideshows make for a moving and powerful tribute to a lost loved one at a funeral or memorial service. Slideshows are also great for businesses showcasing products and services via a multimedia display at a conference or tradeshow.

Using either photo/video files or photo prints, slides & documents, a slideshow will be created onto a Blu-ray or DVD disc playable on your home theater or computer system. A soundtrack may be added using whatever CD’s, MP3’s, or other audio files you provide. As an added service, all photos and videos can be further optimized for proper cropping, color saturation, dust/scratches, etc, ensuring that your finished slideshow contains only the best looking content. Inter-titles and credit text may be added as you desire.

ACCEPTED FORMATS: MOV, AVI, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF, Photo Prints up to 8×10″, 35mm 2×2″ Slides, Documents up to 8.5×11″, 3.5″ Floppy, CD-Rom, DVD-Rom, Compact Flash Card, Memory Stick, SM Card, SD Card, External Hard Drive.

PRICE: $75/hr + film transfer + video transfer + photo/slide/image scanning fees (if applicable)